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Cold Chain Logistics / Cargo Tracking Monitoring

Improper temperature control is a key reason why food and other perishable sensitive cargo are lost in the supply chain. Knowing in real time exactly where your cargo is located and if there are any violations of preset environmental conditions helps assure a successful transport.

Monitor Cold Chain Operations for Increased Profitability

  • Ensure cargo temperature stays within the acceptable pre-set range and use sensors to trigger real-time alerts if any violations occur.
  • Minimize temperature-related load rejections, reduce costly spoilage claims by actively rescuing threatened cargo, reduce redelivery costs.
  • Provide validated reports of temperature, light, humidity, air pressure, G-force and orientation throughout transport process.

Cargo Tracking Monitoring

  • Real-time tracking with 10 second reporting.
  • GSM localization continues reporting position even if GPS tracking signal is lost.
  • RouteWatch trigger an alert if predetermined route is not followed.

SmartBox Innovations

SmartBox combines Real-Time GPS tracking, special sensors, and an external battery for long life, all together into a weatherproof magnetic box. Monitoring and reporting on temperature, light, humidity, air pressure, Gforce and orientation.

T.E.M.S (Transport Environment Monitoring Systems)

This is a key additional module of the GPS tracking platform which contains information about scheduled, live and completed transports. Transport data is displayed via the specialized TEMS home page. Transports can be checked live while in progress and automatic reports can be sent upon arrival at destination showing detailed information of beginning time, ending time, and GPS tracking during the transport.

1-Wire Temperature Sensor Kit

Inexpensive hardware adds temperature data into the GPS tracking platform. 1 to 3 sensors can be connected to a single tracking device.