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Fleet Management

MotoMon vehicle tracking gives fleet owners and managers the power to monitor their mobile assets 24/7/365 and make money saving decisions by clicking a mouse. MotoMon maintains their servers and are dedicated to continually enhancing our software to keep you ahead of the competition. Most parts of the software can be customized to suit your individual needs. We encourage and promote this communication and will work to satisfy all of our clients’ requests. Because of this many of our customers have realized a full return on their investment (ROI) in as little as a few months, some within just a few weeks.

What GPS Tracking can do for your fleet?

  • Increases Safety and Driver Responsibility – Our systems keeps a complete record of vehicle activities, idle time and speed. Whether live or historic, you will learn your drivers exact driving patterns and habits.
  • Stop Private Use and Side Jobs – Get alerts when vehicles are used after hours and on weekends or holidays.
  • Decreases Excess Speeds – By tracking the speed of your vehicles you can reduce the chance of an accident and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Validates Service Calls – By simply looking at the history of a vehicle you can quickly determine when it arrived and how long it was at a particular service call. There is a clear record which eliminates assumption and speculation.
  • More Accurate Billing – The GPS tracking system creates a digital log of time, speed and route used by your fleet.  With this digital log time and fuel costs can be accurately calculated and separated between personal and business expense.
  • Prevent Fraudulent Claims – With a good digital log you can demonstrate that your fleet was where it needed to be at a particular place and time.