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17April 2023

Small GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life

17.April 2023|

Handy small LTE GPS tracker with SOS configuration button, temperature and light sensor. The tracker records location and sends this information via mobile data to an IoT server. The server processes the data in real time and allows it to be displayed in graphs and maps. Based on the data, [...]

17January 2023

How to Manage Your Logistics for Better Business?

17.January 2023|

We designed a comprehensive solution for your service and logistics operations - the ROUTEPLAN application. The application is ready to be used by companies that want to efficiently plan logistics and organize orders. It also simplify the overview for internal staff and deliver relevant [...]

7November 2022

GPS Units in Conjunction with the MOTOMON App

7.November 2022|

Nowadays, it is not wise to underestimate anything 👇 This statement applies twice as much whether we're talking about the security of your children, grandparents, parents, property, or a business. Rewrite-GPS units are basically reliable device for tracking the above mentioned situations. What i [...]

27April 2022

SYSDO: Questions? We are not afraid to answer.

27.April 2022|

SYSDO's electronic time and attendance is a modern solution for small, medium and larger companies looking for an efficient way to manage employee attendance. And not just at the company - with a virtual terminal, you can log attendance from anywhere in the field or from home. For start we hav [...]

1March 2022

Track it Easy with SMARTBOX2

1.March 2022|

Smartbox 2 combines a GNSS tracker (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou) measuring probe and a powerful battery. The SMARTBOX monitors the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level, 3D orientation, and vibrations) while tracking the transported cargo's position. All thi [...]

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