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Fuel Monitoring

In the automotive industry, there are many expenses associated with vehicle maintenance and servicing. Fuel is probably one of the highest expenses. It is very hard to monitor drivers and get the actual fuel status from them. Once the vehicle is out of parking lot, there is no control over the vehicle fuel usage.

MotoMon Fuel Monitoring Solutions provides a benefit in a real-time checking on fuel usage relieving fleet manager of this task, freeing up his for other tasks. Monitoring fuel ultimately reduces operating expenses.

Here are some benefits

  • Ensure company vehicles are used appropriately .
  • Prevent costly fuel theft.
  • Bulk importing refueling records into platform.
  • Improving fleet profitability.
  • Hours of operating time monitoring.
  • Instantly SMS Alert while fuel level decline sharply or other unusual situations.

High Accuracy
The measurement resolution of the fuel level is 0.2 mm and the level accuracy is 3 mm. The sensor automatically performs the temperature compensation in the range from -40℃ to 80℃. This ensures the measurement accuracy even when the environment temperatures go from one extreme to another.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
The sensor is attached to the bottom of the fuel tank, which requires no draining or drilling the fuel tank and leaves exiting fuel measuring system intact. This allows the original vehicle fuel gauge to work undisturbed so there is no warrant issues later.

Environmentally Friendly
The non-intrusive installation does not require making creating a big hole in the fuel tank or modifying the fuel tank and thus avoiding possible fuel contamination.