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What Make Us Different

Our success in part comes from always listening to our customer’s / distributor’s needs and the ability to create realistic solutions, which ultimately saves time and money. Continually improving the GPS tracking platform which resolves real world logistics problems is the heart of what we do best. The constant attention to details, personalized service, turn-key integration of individual corporate requirements, and third party software integration is what makes us an industry leader.

Our Auto GPS tracking platform has all the industry features plus a whole lot more. Here are some features and ability’s to name a few.

  • System available in 12 languages
  • Tiles view in homepage
  • Border Crossing Detection
  • Vehicle Groups Detection (VGD)
  • Save the data for minimum of two years
  • Report live telemetry of temp, light, humidity, air pressure, and Gforce
  • Single sim card which operates in almost 200 countries
  • Sending alerts via IP protocol to central monitoring stations
  • GSM Localization, locate and tracked your assets when GPS signal is blocked or lost
  • RouteWatch / Linear Geofencing Fuel consumption and import fuel records from monthly bill
  • TEMS / Transport Environment Monitoring System
  • Over speeding and harsh driving
  • Route Planner / Optimization
  • Third Party software integration when required / 10 programmers on staff

If you have a specific need which is not listed here it’s no problem. MotoMon is the tracking platform creator unlike most others who are simple re-sellers. We can customize the system to suit your requirements.