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“Mr. Moder, Thank you for all your assistance in the lease of the GPS tracking units we acquired from MotoMon. As you know, we did make an arrest from these thefts and it would not of been possible without the use of your product and the ease of tracking that is available on your dedicated servers. I appreciate all the time you took with me on the phone and in person to assure all our needs were met.”
Robert Salazar
Region Loss Prevention Specialist
Publix Supermarkets.
“As a distributor and customer for more than 5 years I can tell you the MotoMon tracking software and almost any hardware together are a very powerful management tool. The platform has all the features to make your fleet work in a better way. “Efficiency” is the number one priority with this system, and it can give you fast results when this technology is installed”
Raúl Eduardo De León
OnTrack Rastreo Satelital,SRL
“When we started working with MotoMon few years back they suggested we use their newly developed device called the SmartBox to track our customers freight forwarding shipments.  The SmartBox is a customized magnetic box which contains inside a large re-chargeable battery, GPS tracker and probe which in addition to position gives our customers live information on temperature, light, humidity, and more.  We started with one to test and now have grown to over 25 unit.  Customers have learned to depend on this shipping feature and ask for it most all the time.”
Italo Teran
Financial Chief
CMG - Cargo Management Group
“I’ve been looking for months for a tracking platform that would meet my customers’ needs. MotoMon has exceeded all my expectations. There are many GPS companies offering the same basic functions, but MotoMon is definitely on another level. I noticed the difference in speed of response when we are using the functions and navigating the platform. It is much smoother, unlike other platforms that had many unnecessary illustrations and fancy graphics which only slow and freeze up constantly, besides not informing the location in real time how they claim. With the MotoMon GPS platform we are exploring a niche that will be a constant need for transport companies, and the most interesting thing is that many companies do not know they have the need, we are constantly educating our customers.”
Rodolfo Malta Bonachini
Diretor Comercial
Trans Solutions Tracking
“John, I wanted to thank you for helping us recover our client’s vehicle.  After their vehicle was stolen and the GPS antenna cut we didn’t think we would ever recover it. But thanks to you and your team using GSM triangulation, we were able to inform the police of the general area the vehicle was in and within 30 minutes they had found the vehicle and arrested one of the criminals.”
Geovanie Rodgers
General Manager
ACIT Service Limited
This comes directly from one of our customers…… “We have a fleet of over 200 trucks. Maintenance logistics was a nightmare. Keeping track of mileage and mechanical failures was a heavy time consuming task with a lot of errors, which lead us to damaged engines pretty often. Now it’s really simple to keep track of all relevant maintenance and repairs on each vehicle, reducing maintenance and fueling cost as our fleet is way more efficient. The GPS tracking system has paid for itself many many times.”
Ing. Aurelio Ferreiro